Large Sample Splitter - NL 1023 X / 002
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Large Sample Splitter(Fully Enclosed Version)
Code : NL 1023 X / 002
Standard : ASTM C702, EN 9221, UNI 8520

Product Specification / Description

Sampling Tools Riffle Boxes (Sample Splitters)

Fully Enclosed sample splitter are suggested for samples of fine,dusty powders,or where moisture retention is important. With transparence compartment on top of feeding chutes,this splitter is very sturdily constructed with cadmium coated plated for rust protection. It is designed for the reduction of test sample which are too large in volume. It handles any material from size up to 108 mm. Each chute bar is 1/2' wide. The opening start from 1/2', 1', 1 1/2', 2', 3' & 4' are possible.


Technical Specifications :

 Model Number  NL 1023 X / 002
 Dimension(mm)  545 (L) x 370 (W) x 620 (H)
 Approx. Weight  183 kg


Set Consists Of :

 Model Number Accessories Description Qty
NL 1023 X / 001-A 001 Collecting Pan With Trolley 2 Nos.

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