Marsh Funnel Viscometer - NL 3010 X / 001
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Marsh Funnel Viscometer
Code: NL 3010 X 001
Standard : 
ISO 2431

Product Specification / Description

Used to determine the quality of drilling mud. Funnel viscosity is the ratio of the speed of the sample as it passes through the outlet tube (shear rate) to the amount of force (fluid weight) that is causing the fluid to flow (shear stress). Full set are make from stainless steel.

Technical Specifications :
 Material  Plastic
 Approx. Weight  1 kg

Set Consists Of :
Model Number Parts Description Qty
 NL 3010 X / 001 – P 001  Marsh Funnel  1no.
 NL 3010 X / 001 – P 002  Measuring Cup 2 L  1no.
 NL 3010 X / 001 – P 003  Pouring Mud  1no.

*1 Copy of Manual Instruction

Optional Accessories :
 Model Number  Parts Description
 NL 7031 X / 001  Digital Stop Watch

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